Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gurus Wanted: Constituting the panel for 10th Forum on 7th October

It was Jay Rosen who, at a previous Journalism Leaders Forum (the 7th, actually), suggested that, in aspects of the digital revolution, UK newsrooms were "about two years behind" the US.

If that is true, the recent trade news headlines of pending job losses at regional press giants Johnston Press and Trinity Mirror suggests that the waves of down-sizing and right- sizing and re-sizing that have been buffeting our colleagues across the Atlantic, are starting to crash onto our shores as well.

But, perhaps, there is a silver lining: Doesn’t our position as so-called laggards also open up to the possibly that we can benefit from the many hard lessons our colleagues in the US - and elsewhere - are learning through experience?

With that in mind, I've proposed the following theme for the 10th Journalism Leaders Forum on 7th October:
“Hard Lessons: What are the tough times teaching media decision-makers about the way forward?”
The key of course is who we get on the panel: for really smart - and useful - answers, we need really smart and insightful people. Or rather, smart and insightful people who are willing to share what they know. (Of course, modern technologies means we can link with folks almost anywhere.)

I know some of those - as is evident from the list of panellists in the previous Forums - but I sure don't know all of them. If you have any recommendations for the panel, it would be great to hear from you. Just post your comments here, or email me at FPNel @ uclan. ac. uk .

We're hoping to finalise the arrangement by 22nd September and look forward to your participation in the discussion, online or in person at the Forum in Preston, which is open and will, again, be Webcast live (log in as a guest).


- The next Digitial Editors' Network meeting and workshop is also scheduled in the afternoon before the Forum. More details on the DEN blog.

- This Forum is also part of the autumn residential seminar of the Journalism Leaders Programme. The application deadline for the next seminar, 'Newsroom Leadership in the Digital Age', is 12th September. Download this flyer for more details or contact me.

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