Thursday, May 24, 2007

Learning from digital media entrepreneurs

OK, I admit it. Perhaps the title of the 6th Journalism Leaders Forum in Preston - 'Editor as Entrepreneur: Lessons from the Digital Front' - was a bit misleading: none of the panelists nor the chair was strictly an "Editor". In fact, at the time, only one of them, Robin Hamman, was actually employed by a maintream media house (he's the BBC's Blog Network Coordinator and author of his own highly-rated blog.). And the other? Eamonn Carey had left traditional media operations to launch his own mobile start-up , Random Thoughts Media , while Nick Jaspan of How-Do has been a media entrepreneur all along.

Which raises a key question for traditional media houses: What can we do to retain talent in an age when the ease of access to technology and bandwidth means that today's star employee can (more easily?) be tomorrow's competitor?

If you missed the excellent case studies and provocative discussion chaired by the journalist-turned-tech whiz, Bob Eggington, you can watch an unedited version of the live Webcast here.

Reminder: the next Journalism Leaders Forum has been scheduled for Tuesday, 16 October 2007. On the occassion of the 45th anniversary of journalism education at Preston, we'll be looking at the opportunities digital technologies give local media to reach global audiences - and to make a global impact.

Hope you will join the conversation.

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