Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Guardian digital director joins international line-up for 4th forum

Simon Waldman, director of digital publishing at Guardian Newspapers, has just been added to the programme of the 4th Journalism Leaders Forum to be held on October 17th.

Waldman, who has played a key role in GuardianOnline, will join an international line-up to discuss "Leading Innovation: What to Do, How to Do It.”

In a recent article for the Press Gazette , Waldman said:

It is clear that the ultimate challenge is not simply to build a good web operation, but to build the news organisation of the future. And having your online operation as a remote satellite simply isn’t going to do it. Having said that, the one thing you realise after looking around is that there is no clear model for making it work that everyone can feel comfortable with.

I do predict, however, that in the next five to 10 years will bring a wave of change in newspaper offices around the world as they grapple with this.

Other panellists are:

  • Tim Bowdler, chief executive of Johnston Press and the person recently described as “the most powerful figure in Britain’s £3 billion regional newspaper industry”
  • Geert-Jan Bogaerts, digital editor of DeVolkskrant, the first fully-integrated multi-media newsroom in The Netherlands
  • Tim Porter, associate director of Tomorrow’s Workforce, a Knight Foundation sponsored devoted to professional development in America’s newsrooms, and author of the blog First Draft.

Keith Sutton, past president of the Society of Editors and an Industrial Fellow of the Journalism Leaders Programme, will chair the discussion.

To attend this free programme at 6pm on Tuesday, October 17th, in Greenbank Lecture Theatre in Preston - as well as the reception from 5:30pm - please RSVP to leaders[at]ukjournalism[do]ac[dot]uk. If you can't be there in person, there are other ways to join the discussion.

You can post your questions and comments on this site, or you can view the live Webcast by logging in as a guest at: Online participants will be able to post questions to panellists in a chat room.

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